Quilt art on features landmark buildings in downtown Mobile

By Lee Peck

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    MOBILE, Alabama (WALA) -- LoDa Art Walk celebrates local artists every second Friday of the month.

This month -- the Mobile Arts Council is highlighting the works of the Azalea City Art Quilters.

The walls of their downtown gallery are lined with quilt art -- everything from somewhat traditional to fun and whacky -- including bugs.

The show-stopper is a collaborative work showcasing landmark buildings in Downtown Mobile.

This very talented group tells us creativity knows no bounds.

“Okay so these are our funky self portraits and people love these. So this is mine - my hair was a little bit longer and I always have my glasses as I’m looking over. But each person did a portrait, which was kind of their alter-ego -- maybe who they envision themselves in a fun way,” explained Susan Mogan, Azalea City Art Quilters. “I love quilting. I love the hands-on tactiles nature of just handling the fabric, but we also design all of our own quilts -- so it’s a real creative outlet. We come up with an idea and then we determine how we are going to interpret that. And people within the group are free to do it in any style they want -- so we get a lot of different techniques used within each exhibit.”

“It’s all art... And that’s the fun! Our only rule is no rules. And then we have perimeters on some of them but then we still break them -- like on this one - we were supposed to put straight quarter inch lines -- I went diagonal -- I couldn’t help it (laughs),” said Anne Godwin, Azalea City Art Quilters.

“Art is all about connection... It’s all about expression. It builds empathy with each other. It’s so important to have that available -- have all the different varieties of the arts available for everyone. So it’s extremely important and it’s what we do here at the Arts Council,” explained Lucy Gafford, Mobile Arts Council Executive Director.

The Mobile Arts Council is having its biggest fundraiser of the year - “The 10th Annual Throwdown” this coming Friday, September 16th. Click here for more information on tickets and silent auction.

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