Milwaukee offers Bucks' player $400K to settle police suit

NOW: Milwaukee offers Bucks’ player $400K to settle police suit

Updated: 4:18 p.m. on September 4, 2019

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The City of Milwaukee has agreed on a proposed settlement offer in the Sterling Brown lawsuit.

The $400,000 offer of judgement was approved by the Judiciary and Legislation Committee Wednesday morning. The offer was then approved by Common Council in a 12-2 vote.

“If the plaintiff accepts that amount then the city would be obligated to pay it almost immediately,” Alderman Bob Bauman said.

Brown was arrested in 2018 after parking across two handicap parking spots in a Walgreens parking lot. Police body camera video shows officers bringing Brown to the ground and tasing him.

Brown filed a lawsuit against the city and police department saying that his civil rights were violated.

Brown’s attorney Mark Thomsen says the $400,000 offer is not enough.

“It fundamentally undervalues the loss and it doesn’t send a message,” Thomsen said.

Thomsen said his disproval is not just about the money offered.

“I fully anticipate that any settlement that doesn’t include an admission that they violated Mr. Brown’s civil rights will go nowhere,” Thomsen said. “We can’t heal in this city without that.”

Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton does not deny any wrongdoing.

“Everybody saw the video and I think on all sides there’s an acceptance that this is not the way that we would want police officers to engage with residents of this city, there is a willingness to acknowledge that,” President Hamilton said.

Two council members voted against the deal, Alderman Bob Donovan and Alderman Mark Borkowski. Aldmeran Coggs abstained from voting.

“I think it’s way too much, however, this has all been about attorney fees,” Borkowski said.

Once Brown receives the official offer, he will have 14 days to respond. If he does not accept, this case could go to trial.


Posted: 11 a.m. on September 4, 2019

MILWAUKEE (AP/CBS 58) — Milwaukee city officials are offering Bucks guard Sterling Brown $400,000 to settle his lawsuit accusing police of using excessive force and targeting him because he's black when they confronted him over a parking violation.

The city's Common Council approved the offer Wednesday. The vote wasn't unanimous. Twelve voted yes, two voted no and one abstained. Brown has 14 days to accept or decline it, once it is officially received. 

Brown illegally parked in a disabled spot outside a Walgreens on Jan. 26, 2018, and was talking with a group of officers while waiting for his citation when the situation escalated. Officers took him down and used a stun gun because he didn't immediately remove his hands from his pockets, as ordered.

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