Man with special needs who loves dogs receives thousands of dog photos as birthday presents

Credit: Tyler\'s PAW Strings Facebook page

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    ARCHDALE, NC (WGHP) -- When a Randolph County woman who has a nephew with special needs reached out to social media for help with his birthday present, she didn’t know the post would go viral.

Tyler Ford’s family says he is obsessed with dogs.

He is 21 and has an upcoming birthday in April. So far, he has received thousands of dog pictures as birthday presents.

His aunt, Christy Ford, says that Tyler has “two Australian Shepards, one standard ‘Banjo’ and one mini ‘Fiddle.’ He absolutely loves giving them toys and treats.”

She created a Facebook group called Tyler’s PAW Strings for Tyler, and she hopes the popularity will help lead to more awareness for people with mental and physical disabilities.

“If you know someone caring for a special needs individual, offer some help, call to check in with them to see how they are, shoot…give ‘em a hug! They deserve a lot more credit than they are given. The struggles they face on a daily basis are never ending. Caring for these very unique souls never stops,” she said.

Pictures can be sent through March 31.

If you’d like to send Tyler a picture, you can mail it to the following address:

Tyler c/o Christy Ford PO Box 1036 Trinity, NC 27370 USA

You can also message the Tyler’s PAW Springs page directly or send an email to Christy/[email protected].

His family is requesting pictures with the dog’s name, the dog’s breed and the owner’s name attached.

“My heart has never been so full! The amount of love and support being sent to Tyler from all over the world is unbelievable! My faith in humanity has been restored! You are ALL amazing people with HUGE hearts!” Christy said.

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