Mail carrier makes a special delivery for a mom battling Covid-19

LeJeune says her youngest son waves every time they see their mail carrier. By David Williams, CNN

(CNN) -- A Houston postal worker delivered more than just the mail to a mom recovering from Covid-19 with her two sons.

She left a care package with canned soup, crackers, cookies and other goodies last week on Lisette LeJeune's porch.

"It warms my heart to see such a caring gesture from a stranger," LeJeune told CNN.

LeJeune tested positive on December 3, and warned her mail carrier and asked her to leave her mail in a bucket, so she wouldn't have to risk touching the mailbox.

"She just told me thank you and that she would, and that was it," LeJeune said.

When LeJeune saw the bag at her front door last Tuesday, she thought it was from a relative, until she saw the note inside.

It read "Get-well wishes! ... I hope you are all feeling better!" and was signed by USPS Carrier Mary.

LeJeune said her 3-year-old always waves at Mary when they see her and there were some special treats for him -- gummy candy and orange juice.

"That's what we were going through so fast," LeJeune said. "I know that morning. I was like, 'Oh my God, she brought orange juice,' because I had just ran out."

LeJeune, her 14-year-old son and her youngest boy have now recovered and tested negative, so they were able to end their quarantine on Sunday.

Now that she can go out, LeJeune is looking forward to thanking Mary and getting her something to show how much her kindness was appreciated.

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