Lie in bed, watch James Bond and get paid

A scene from "Dr. No" By Rachel Trent, CNN

(CNN) -- You've been binge-watching television and movies the whole pandemic. Might as well get paid for it.

In yet another job that encourages you to essentially do nothing, the website Nerd Bear wants to pay someone $1,000 to watch all 24 James Bond movies in 30 days.

The website says it hopes the gig will keep fans going as they wait for the franchise's 25th film, No Time to Die. The movie is set to be released this fall after multiple postponements due to -- you guessed it -- the coronavirus pandemic.

"With many people either shielding or distancing, we thought this competition would not only bring back happy memories but also help someone pass the time during the lockdown," Nerd Bear founder Amar Hussain told CNN.

Watching all 24 movies will take more than two straight days, or around 51 hours.

But, hey, what else are you doing anyway?

The winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card to rent the movies and have to complete a worksheet while watching them.

Sounds easy enough. But how can superfans get this dream job?

"Enthusiasm for the franchise" is key, according to the website. Applicants have to explain why they are a James Bond fan and should get the job. They also need to be 18 years or older and a US citizen or permanent resident to apply.

After the task is completed, the winner will receive $1,000 and a $50 AMC gift card to watch the release.

The job adds to a growing list of companies offering to pay people to do close to what they were doing anyway.
There's the website looking to pay someone $2,000 for sleeping. There was a Canadian candy company looking for a remote taste tester. There's also the California winery offering free rent for a year.

While this latest opportunity is no yearlong winery getaway, it does give you a license to chill.

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