Kennel dog from Pennsylvania saved from death, becomes K-9 officer for Missouri police

By Shain Bergan, Abby Dodge

    SPRING HILL, Kansas (KCTV) -- A dog that was slated to be put down is instead Spring Hill police's newest officer.

Loki, 2, was initially bought by the Olathe Police Department from a kennel in Pennsylvania. When a medical screening revealed that Loki had an underdeveloped kidney, the kennel agreed to replace the dog.

But in taking the dog back, the kennel would have Loki put down in lieu of surgery to help his kidney. That's when Spring Hill police stepped in and took Loki in.

Spring Hill's K-9 officer Niko was getting ready to retire, creating a perfect opening for Loki to become the department's new K-9 officer, police said.

"By all accounts Loki is a highly driven canine that will fit in well with Spring Hill's needs," the city said in a release. "Eventually Loki will have to have surgery but in the meantime, Loki is partnered with our experienced K9 handler, Officer Wipf, and is ready to go to work as our newest K9 officer."

Loki is set to be pinned at the Spring Hill City Council meeting on Thursday.

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