Kaul: Hundreds of millions could be at stake in settlements

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul says hundreds of millions of dollars could be at stake in lawsuit settlements that require the Legislature's budget committee to approve.

A law approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature during December's lame duck session gives the GOP-controlled committee power to approve lawsuit settlements. But there is no process in place for how that works.

The Democratic Kaul wants committee members to sign confidentiality agreements to discuss the cases, but lawmakers balked.

Kaul said Tuesday during an appearance at Marquette University Law School's "On the Issues" program that tens of millions of dollars are at stake now and if it persists hundreds of millions of dollars could be at risk.

Kaul also says if no process for approving settlements can be put in place, cases that should be settled may go to trial instead.

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