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Jordan Fricke charged in shooting death of Milwaukee Police Officer Matthew Rittner

NOW: Jordan Fricke charged in shooting death of Milwaukee Police Officer Matthew Rittner


MILWAUKEE (AP/CBS 58) — A 26-year-old Milwaukee man has been charged in the killing of a Milwaukee police officer.

Jordan P. Fricke is charged with first-degree intentional homicide and other crimes in the fatal shooting Wednesday of 35-year-old Officer Matthew Rittner, who was serving a search warrant. Authorities arrested Fricke soon after the shooting.

According to the criminal complaint, Milwaukee Police determined Fricke was selling marijuana from his apartment and was possibly buying guns at gun shows as a straw purchaser and then turning around and selling them to other people.

Officers obtained a search warrant for Fricke's residence on 12th Street handled by Unit 5 of the Milwaukee Police Tactical Enforcement Unit. Due to the possibility of guns in the apartment a "no knock warrant" was used. officers used a two person ram to breach the rear entrance door and Officer Rittner and two other officers went upstairs to Fricke's apartment. 

While yelling, "Milwaukee Police, we have a search warrant" Officer Rittner used a one man ram to breach the door. Rittner used the ram three times to create a large hole in the door to Fricke's apartment. While Rittner was using the ram another officer yelled "Police!" and almost immediately four gunshots are fired through the opening door from inside the apartment. 

Another officer stepped towards the opening door and aimed his rifle and saw Fricke standing with his hands in the air.

The team then carried Officer Rittner down the stairs and outside into the yard where they tried life saving measures until paramedics arrived.

An autopsy by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner determined Officer Rittner died from a single gunshot wound that did not exit the body. The bullet entered Officer Rittner at the left upper chest/shoulder area and went through the left long, the aorta, the right lung and ended at the right shoulder and chestwall.

In an interview with police, Fricke said he woke up to banging and people yelling but did not know what was going on. He heard someone yelling "police" but claimed he did not know it was really the police until he saw an officer with POLICE written on his chest.

Fricke, who also faces reckless endangerment and drug charges, made a court appearance Sunday and a judge set his bail at $1 million. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for February 14 at 8:30 a.m.

Milwaukee Police issued a statement after the charges asking the public to continue praying for Officer Rittner's family and friends and for members of the Milwaukee Police Department.

Rittner, a 17-year veteran of the force, was the third Milwaukee officer killed in the line of duty in eight months. The department had previously gone more than two decades without such a death.

Rittner's funeral is scheduled for Wednesday at Oak Creek Assembly of God Church in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

See the criminal complaint below:

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Whitey 305 days ago
I also must say Sorry for the fallen officer. my father in law in police 38m years CPD. but it should of been handled differently small time pot dealer.
Whitey 305 days ago
All this cause he sold informant 3 small bags of weed. no knock warrant for 3 dime bags. could they have just called and ordered another bog of weed then arrested him outside of his house. then got search warrant and searched his house. I see some police made bad decisions on how they arrested the suspect. 3 bags of pot 20 bucks worth then 40 bucks worth and then another 20 . people that equals about 6 grams at best. he sold the police 6 grams of weed and they got no knock warrant . wow all this is overkill and somebody got killed. you bust into a person house who you know has weapons and you could of just called him for more weed and arrested him on the street. how about wait for him instead they all out used all kinds of people to no knock warrant his house. wow all the violence on the streets and they worried about small time pot dealer. who they could of arrested at anytime peacefully out on the street
mbj112004 306 days ago
Garbage. Death penalty. I don't want to pay to support him for a single day.
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