John Eastman blocking 36,000-plus pages of Trump-related emails from House January 6 committee

Originally Published: 19 APR 22 08:10 ET
Updated: 19 APR 22 08:13 ET

    (CNN) -- John Eastman, a far-right lawyer for then-President Donald Trump who wanted to block his electoral loss in 2020, is still withholding about 3,200 documents from the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection, according to a new court filing this week.

Eastman previously was ordered by the court to turn over 101 documents after he unsuccessfully tried to claim some of his emails from January 4 through January 7, 2021, were confidential legal communications related to Trump. Since then, Eastman has continued to work through nearly 100,000 pages of emails from his Chapman University account that the House Committee seeks from other dates around the election.

At this time, Eastman is arguing that the thousands of documents, comprising about 36,000 pages, should stay confidential.

Federal Judge David Carter in Santa Ana, California, may continue to weigh whether Eastman can keep those pages secret.

The judge's previous decision giving the House access to more than 101 documents was a pivotal moment in the investigation and a setback for Eastman as he continues to try to keep secret some of his emails.

The ongoing Eastman lawsuit also is a reminder that the committee is still tied up in court on multiple fronts, fighting for their subpoenas to be fulfilled.

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