Jeff Bridges gives update in his battle with cancer

By Lisa Respers France, CNN

    (CNN) -- Jeff Bridges is thanking everyone who has supported him since he shared his lymphoma diagnosis.

On Thursday, the acclaimed actor posted on his verified social media accounts a photo of himself posing in a hospital gown while hooked up to a portable IV.

"I want to thank you all for reaching out during this time, it feels good getting all the well wishes and love!" the caption on Instagram read. "I'll be sharing more updates on my site."

Over on his personal site Bridges wrote, "This cancer thing is bringing on feelings of preciousness, and gratitude, and good old fashion love, and lots of it, big time."

"I'm feeling so much of it comin' my way, and man, I appreciate it," he wrote. "It's contagious, all this love, like some kind of positive virus."

The 70-year-old actor said he will be sharing his perspective on his site and asked his followers to contribute to that.

"I'm looking to be in partnership with you guys in creating a beautiful life & world for all of us," he wrote. "All in this together."

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