Insurance company not liable for hunter's injuries

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — An insurance company isn't liable for a hunter who was accidentally shot in the head nearly four years ago.

According to court documents, David Devine shot Patrick Humfeld in the head while both men were hunting on John Marsh's property in Galesville in 2014.

Humfeld sued State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, Marsh's insurance company, last year alleging Marsh was negligent because he failed to monitor hunters on his property.

A Trempealeau County judge ruled in favor of State Farm. The 3rd District Court of Appeals upheld that ruling Tuesday, finding Wisconsin's recreational immunity statute applies. That statute generally limits property owners' liability when a person is hurt engaging in a recreational activity on their land.

Humfeld's attorney, James Koby, said he plans to appeal to the state Supreme Court.

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