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Illinois Democrats ask Evers to review Foxconn impact

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Illinois Democrats are asking Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers to re-evaluate the environmental impact of a Foxconn Technology Group facility in Racine County.

U.S. Reps. Brad Schneider and Lauren Underwood along with Sens. Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth sent Evers a letter Friday saying the facility's stormwater run-off could exacerbate flooding in the Des Plaines River watershed and affect communities in northeastern Illinois' Lake County. The Democrats want Evers' administration to conduct a stringent review of Foxconn's construction plans with a careful look at stormwater management.

Republican legislators in Wisconsin exempted the facility from a host of environmental regulations, allowing the company to fill wetlands without permits and proceed without an environmental impact statement.

Evers has already pledged to review the facility's air pollution permit.

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RikRobo 343 days ago
That's Democrats for you, they are elected (by ignorant people) to represent the place where they are elected, but once they get into power, they revert to their true nature of creating big, central government aimed at controlling everyone from every angle. The governor of Wisconsin represents Wisconsin and he has no business doing anything other than telling Illinois to piss off. They have been crapping on Wisconsin and filing lawsuits against us for years, now that their state is AFU, they want to bring us down to their level because businesses are fleeing their state. The Democrats created chaos down there, and they want to do the same thing here. It took Walker 8 years to fix the screw ups from the last Democrat Governor and now the ignorant freeloaders and scumbag potheads (redundant) in this State got Lying Tony enough votes so that radical leftist California Money and a magic bag of Fraudulent 11:30 PM Milwaukee absentee ballots got this corrupt liar elected. Think that wasn't planned? A statewide referendum on Marijuana the same day as the governor's election - so clueless potheads come out for the first time in their lives to vote because they are potheads and don't know anything. That is what elected Lying Tony. That is the constituency of Democrats, immoral, anti-social, and ignorant. Look at 160 years of American History, its all the proof you need that Democrats are the enemy of America and society.
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