'Homegrown campaign': Mother uses billboards to ask for kidney in hopes of reaching donor

By KCRA Staff

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    SACRAMENTO, California (KCRA) -- Some 90,0000 people in the United States are awaiting a kidney donation. One Sacramento mother took it into her own hands to try and get a donor, and you've probably already seen her plea for help.

Along northbound Interstate 5 by the Sacramento International Airport stands a billboard.

"I need a kidney transplant," said Cynthia Hall.

Hall hopes that with her billboard she will reach the right person.

"Six years ago, I got a call from my doctor that my kidneys are severely damaged," Hall said.

Her husband Art said they knew they would reach the point where they needed to expand their outreach one day.

"We have been doing a homegrown campaign, if you will," Art said. "Making flyers, putting them up at businesses. We have done social media campaigns. I thought I need to take this to the next level to see what's possible to do and that's where I thought I would try a billboard."

That's when Marquee Media received a call from a friend who heard about the Hall family.

"When we formed our company, we wanted to have business with purpose. This is the highest purpose we can probably do," said Jeff Joaquin with Marquee Media.

There are 11 billboards across the Sacramento region, reaching about 2 million people every week. There are also dozens of billboards across the country.

"We help companies and brands sell products, help their businesses along, but we can have a higher calling to help somebody get a kidney and save a life, it's just something immeasurable," Joaquin said.

The Hall family hopes it raises more awareness about kidney diseases.

"There are millions of people out there with this disease and they do not know they have it," Cynthia said.

"If anything comes of all this, besides her getting a kidney donor, is raising the awareness of kidney disease out there," Art said.

The hope is that on their four-year wedding anniversary, they will get the call that will give Cynthia a second chance at life.

"It means the world to us and my son, he's 14. I want to see him go to college, I want to see him get married, I want to be with him and this will give me a chance to live my life to the fullest," Cynthia said.

If you would like to help you can reach the Hall family at akidneyforcynthia@gmail.com or at 916-276-7603.

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