Hersheypark has a new one-year-old seal pup, and his name is Bowie

By WGAL Staff

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    HERSHEY, Pennsylvania (WGAL) -- There is a new resident at Hersheypark.

Bowie, named after David Bowie, is a one-year-old rescued seal pup.

Bowie performs at the park's Aqua Theatre and came to the group to mark the 50th anniversary of the theatre.

He has a condition called Microphthalmia, meaning his eyes are not fully developed.

Bowie cannot hunt or find fish on his own, so the team at Oceans of Fun took him in for rehabilitation.

Jackie Beiler, supervisor of training at Oceans of Fun just wants Bowie to have a good life.

"My mission with Bowie is to really give him the best life that he can ever have, and his life the last 6 months has just changed incredibly for the better. He never saw roller coasters or thousands of guests around him. All of these noises are brand new to him. Our training is at Bowie's pace and so whatever he needs, he's absolutely going to get with us," Beiler said.

Bowie has acclimated well to his fellow pinniped pals, like sea lions Ripley and Cocoa.

The plan is for Bowie to stick around for a while, and maybe even for the rest of his life if needed.

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