Hawaii received its final shipment of coal, in win for environmentalists

By Shanila Kabir

    KAPOLEI, Hawaii (KITV) -- This week marked the final shipment of coal into the islands. Many environmental experts said this is a historical step forward to clean-energy use.

“Coal doesn’t have a place here in Hawaii, where the environment is so fragile. We need to get rid of it and the waste that it leaves behind. When coal is shipped here, it accidentally spills everywhere - on the waters, roadways and soil,” said Carroll Cox, an environmentalist.

Cox urges Hawaii residents to turn to solar power during this change – he believes that is the quickest solution. However, this transition will be costly because demand will skyrocket.

“Government officials need to seek funding now for more solar power equipment. It’s necessary to help people who want to use solar power but can’t afford it. Much of it is cost-prohibited. Imagine how much of an impact that will make on our resources,” said Cox.

Governor David Ige tweeted that renewable energy projects are in the works and although there will be challenges in this transition, it is the right move for the community and planet.

This decision brings us closer to the state's energy goal - to have a zero emissions fleet through all platforms by 2045.

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