Harvey Weinstein is still hospitalized. Here's what his attorneys say about his chronic health issues

While in an ambulance making its way to Rikers Island after his conviction on sex assault charges, Harvey Weinstein was rerouted to New York's Bellevue Hospital for chest pains, heart palpitations and high blood pressure, his attorney said. Seen here, Weinstein arrives at a Manhattan courthouse for jury deliberations in his rape trial, Monday, Feb. 24, 2020, in New York. By Jean Casarez, Chloe Melas and Holly Yan, CNN

(CNN) -- Newly convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein was supposed to be locked up on Rikers Island by now.

Instead, the former movie mogul is in a Manhattan hospital, one day after his convictions for first-degree criminal sex act and third-degree rape.

The ambulance carrying Weinstein to Rikers on Monday was diverted to Bellevue Hospital due to heart palpitations and high blood pressure, his attorney Donna Rotunno said.

Weinstein remained in Bellevue's prison ward Tuesday morning, the hospital said.

Even though Weinstein "is OK," the 67-year-old has "significant medical issues," Rotunno said.

Another of his lawyers, Arthur Aidala, said he is strong and wants to keep fighting.

There is no update on when Weinstein will go to Rikers. He is very secure but is not handcuffed to the bed, according to Aidala. Weinstein has family with him, Aidala said.

His use of a walker throughout the trial garnered speculation that he was faking an injury to gain sympathy.

But it was Weinstein's legal team that convinced him to use the walker for medical reasons, Rotunno said.

"We wanted him to use a walker last week, and Mr. Weinstein didn't want the press to think he was seeking sympathy," Rotunno said in December. "He is in pain. He's having surgery."

But that surgery "was not successful," his attorneys told the court Monday.

"He's under the care of five doctors currently. He's dealing with the remnants of his back operation which was not successful. He's in need of the walker," the defense team said.

"He takes a list of different medicines. Judge, he's currently receiving shots in his eyes so he does not go blind."

After Weinstein is released from Bellevue, he's expected to go to the Rikers Island correctional facility, a notorious jail complex that has been riddled with problems while he awaits sentencing in March.

Most inmates at Rikers are awaiting trial or serving sentences of one year or less.

Aidala told CNN that his attorneys are working on bail pending sentencing and on bail pending appeal -- a two-prong approach. They haven't decided which path to choose.

This is the legal team's focus right now -- the bail -- not the sentencing itself.

Weinstein had been out on bail during the trial.

Weinstein has already been convicted and faces at least 5 years in prison. His sentencing is scheduled for March 11.

Weinstein's conviction for first-degree criminal sex act carries a minimum sentence of five years in prison and a maximum of 25.

His conviction for third-degree rape does not carry a minimum prison sentence, but it could lead to a maximum prison sentence of four years.

But Weinstein's criminal cases aren't over. He also faces charges of sexual assault and rape in two separate incidents in Los Angeles.

Weinstein has denied allegations of nonconsensual sexual activity related to those cases.

No hearings have been scheduled in the California cases, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said.

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