Harley Quinn, Fortnite, and, yes, Baby Yoda, are the Halloween costumes people are searching for on Google this year

By Allen Kim, CNN

    (CNN) -- Halloween is fast approaching, and while it will be different this year due to the pandemic, that doesn't mean people won't be decorating their homes and dressing up.

Google has compiled a ranking of the top Halloween costume searches, and it should come as no surprise that getups such as Batman, Baby Yoda, Harley Quinn and Fortnite made the top 50. The trend meter list looks at searches on a national level but can be filtered to a local search.

Baby Yoda may have ranked higher if it had combined searches for Yoda and Baby Yoda, coming in at 43 and 47, respectively.

Oddly, bear cracked the top 25, which could perhaps be a nod to Bear 747 winning Fat Bear Week 2020.

The Google list is dominated by generic costume ideas, such as witches, angels and devils, which shows that people across the US are completely uncreative when it comes to selecting Halloween costumes.

Google has also built a costume wizard to help you conjure a holiday outfit. There are sliders to choose spookiness and uniqueness levels, plus an option to choose between classic and modern styles.

Don't be surprised if there's an uptick in searches for costumes for our nation's favorite fly after its featured role during the vice presidential debate.

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