Haas to step down as Elections Commission leader

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin Elections Commission director Michael Haas says he is stepping down, a month after the state Senate rejected his confirmation.

Haas had been re-hired by the commission as an interim administrator despite the Senate's vote. Haas says in a letter Tuesday that the Senate's action "has created a major distraction and an untenable situation for the Commission."

Haas says "it is time for this foolishness to end."

Haas says he's asking the commission to appoint a new interim administrator at its meeting Friday.

The state Ethics Commission was meeting Tuesday to appoint an interim director after Brian Bell's confirmation was also rejected by the Senate.

Unlike Haas, Bell stepped down after the vote.

Senate Republicans were angry with Bell and Haas over their connections with the former Government Accountability Board.

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