Group spending $2.5 million on young voters, against GOP

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- A group that focuses on mobilizing young voters says it is spending $2.5 million in Wisconsin as part of an effort to defeat Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker and re-elect Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

NextGen America run by billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer announced the spending plan Tuesday. It's part of the group's $30 million push to help Democrats in 10 states in the midterm election.

The group says it will use the money in Wisconsin to register, engage and turnout young voters in the state with a focus on beating Ryan and Walker and helping Baldwin.

NextGen says it plans to hire more than 50 organizers on more than three-dozen college campuses and run a targeted digital and mail program.

Steyer is an advocate for impeaching Republican President Donald Trump.

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