From bad luck to good: How a car wreck led to a $25,000 lottery win

Originally Published: 26 FEB 22 12:35 ET

Updated: 26 FEB 22 12:36 ET

A Maryland woman took a bit of bad luck and spun it into gold, turning a fender bender into a $25,000 lottery prize to help buy a new vehicle.

The woman, who was not named in a Maryland Lottery press release about her misfortune/good fortune, was unharmed in the accident. Her car had to be towed away.

On Valentine's Day, a week after the accident, she stopped at a grocery store in Ellicott City and placed a 50-cent straight bet for the evening drawing and the next day's midday drawing. She used some of the numbers from the license plate of her damaged vehicle.

The next day, she checked her smart phone's lottery app and learned her good news.

"I called my friend and said, 'Can you believe this?' " she said. Her next stop was the grocery store to scan the ticket and verify the $25,000 win.

The winner said she has already put a deposit down on a new convertible.

Players have won 14 $25,000 prizes on 50-cent straight bets since the Pick 5 game launched on February 7, the press release said.

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