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Evers loosens restrictions, allowing more businesses to open

NOW: Evers loosens restrictions, allowing more businesses to open


MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Dog groomers, upholsterers, lawnmower repair shops and other nonessential businesses in Wisconsin that can offer contactless services will be allowed to reopen starting Wednesday.

The latest loosening of a stay-at-home order designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus was announced Monday by Gov. Tony Evers.

The latest order also allows for outdoor recreational rentals, such as boats, golf carts and kayaks, and the opening of self-service or automatic car washes.

All of the businesses must operate free from contact with customers. 

Monday's order builds upon the last turn of the dial. When the Safer at Home order was extended last week, a number of additional options were made available for businesses to safely serve the public, including:

  • Golf courses were opened this past weekend;
  • All businesses are allowed to offer curbside pick-up, allowing customers to purchase goods online or over the phone from a local store;
  • Construction businesses can do aesthetic or optional construction work so long as it is performed by a single person;
  • Public libraries can provide curbside pick-up of books and other library materials;
  • Arts and crafts stores can offer expanded curbside pick-up of materials necessary to make face masks; and
  • Landscaping businesses can do aesthetic or optional lawn care so long as it is done by a single employee. 

Gov. Evers' order can be read in its entirety below:

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JulieAnderson 37 days ago
I am a residential Cleaner. Can I start working again?
James 38 days ago
Dog groomers are a part of th he reopening correct? Well, I just called 5 different groomers. Got recorded messages for all five. If businesses are chomping at the bit to reopen, this sector isnt one of them. They should be booking cuts into June after the lockdown....apparently not.
Repton1 38 days ago
Well done Comrade Evers ! Here in the world of epidemiology we welcome your ability to understand infectious disease and especially this particular event.
We need to open up the nation and get back to work. And school.
Kevin Repton1 38 days ago
yes a plan using facts and logic based on science and data that moves toward re-opening in a way that protects people's lives -- don't look now but thats called Leadership. I understand why you have such a problem with it.
Lawrence Kevin 38 days ago
Be glad your mind has not been poisoned with years of Rush, Belling, Ingraham, Hannity, etc.
I am.
Lawrence 38 days ago
If this leads to an increase of infections, we know exactly which Party pushed, screamed, and sued for this.
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