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Gov. Evers: Could be a month before lockdown lifts

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Tony Evers is saying it could be at least a month before he starts to relax social distancing mandates.

The governor told KSTP-TV on Tuesday that lifting the mandates won't be "like flipping a switch" and it could be weeks or a month before he starts rolling them back.

Evers said he wants to see more testing for the coronavirus, tracking the sick and more protective gear before he starts thinking about reopening businesses.

Evers' stay-at-home and school closure orders are set to expire on April 24. As of Tuesday the coronavirus had killed 170 people in Wisconsin and infected more than 3,500.

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Rommel 43 days ago
Does it really matter. COVID!19 is going to be with us for a long time,so get used to it. As for small businesses,there are no guarantees in the business world,you either sink or swim. The Great Depression,Great Recession and COVID19 Recession are reminders that politicians,economic experts were/ are just as clueless to respond to a natural and financial calamity.
sEEkingTruTH 43 days ago
1st Amendment
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press,==or the right of the people peaceably to assemble==, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

These rights were important to establish because they ensured that individuals could think, speak, and act ==without fear of being punished for disagreeing with the government.==

9th Amendment
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Even though the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights names certain rights, that doesn’t mean that people don’t have other rights not specifically included in the U.S. Constitution.

10th Amendment
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, OR THE PEOPLE.

The 10th Amendment leaves any powers not specifically assigned to the federal government to each state or to the people. This amendment protects against the possibility of the national government assuming powers that have not already been assigned to it and is greatly important to keep the federal government limited as the US Constitution framers intended.

We as a nation need to fight for the Truth and our Rights as Americans. This whole thing with Gov. Evers is understandable to a point. The Stay-at-Home Act is just trying to keep the spread of this virus from hitting more people, those why we are not under a quarantine just yet. Let us all just be safe and keep our families and countrymen safe as well.

Lawrence sEEkingTruTH 43 days ago
I agree. Absolutely. But no church body with sense is going to litigate over it just now. This is not some obvious church attack. It's a precaution for the greater good with which most churches are in full agreement.
CatSmith 44 days ago
Don’t rush Governor Evers and don’t succumb to the pressure from the president because of his agenda to open everything up despite the virus taking lives and no vaccine to protect everyone.
One thing I brag about is how our Governor cares about the citizens of this states and everyone’s lives.
Lawrence CatSmith 43 days ago
I'm sure he does too. He has a rough job facing the two extremists running the Legislature. If not for gerrymandering, those two would be sweeping floors.
MichaelGroves 44 days ago
Wisconsin practice these wirds. HY HITLER!!! HY HITLER!!! Then prepare to show your papers giving you permission to be out of your house. HY HITLER!!! I am also hearing Tony Evers will be offering you who are afraid of being affected a chance of boarding a box car where you can be decontaminated. More details from his office will be available soon.
MichaelGroves 44 days ago
Evers is in way over his head. Sorry all you butt kissers won't say the truth. I've been watching his news conferences going on three days now. I have without a doubt seen so much studdering, and stammering from the three in front of a camera. All signs that they don't believe what they are saying, or lying to the public. He hasn't been in contact with the White House. Does that sound like a leader. A so called deal on ventilators fell through. Sound like a leader? Then I hear him say, "hind sight is 20 20" . Sound like a leader to me? Evers isn't making any decisions, someone else is. I think there is someone behind him with a stick, and when he's suppose to say anything he vet's poked in the back of the head.
Kevin MichaelGroves 44 days ago
I never really liked the smooth talkers and the slick politicians who look like actors so delivery doesn't matter to me - substance does. As long as he is consulting health officials and doctors who are using science as a guide then I have no problem with his policy being extended. Regardless of the visuals. Also the White House has made it clear these types of "stay at home" orders should be left up to the states - so consult the White House about what?
MichaelGroves Kevin 44 days ago
Repeat, HY HITLER, then present you papers. You'll do fine. If your papers are in order. I just read an article on Wisconsin business. 45% of small business will go out business. Evers is OK with that, and obviously so are you. Great. As far as he is consulting science, and health officals? Where the he'll did you hear him say that? I've been watching the news confrances. Don't try running that on me. As for consulting the White House you home head. Evers said they are having trouble getting medical supplies. The President said, and I quote, "all governors have to do is contact us here in Washington, and we will get the supplies needed to them". CONTACT THE WHITE HOUSE TO GET THE SUPPLIES IMBECILE!!! Yikes you're either dumb as hell, or just not paying attention.
sEEkingTruTH Kevin 43 days ago
I agree with...so consult the White House about what?... Trump himself said he is leaving the Gov. of each state to make all the decisions.
Kevin MichaelGroves 43 days ago
The White House attempt to get and disperse supplies has been "too little too late" and states have been left to bid with each other to get needed equipment. Please tell me which governor of either party has said that the federal government is providing them what they need in time.
This administration has been ill prepared to deal with the outbreak perhaps not helped by Trump's administration getting rid of the pandemic response team of the national security council in 2018. You know the team that helps the nation plan and prepare for - oh um ... pandemics and other disease outbreaks. This nation has had no real leadership to handle this crisis and it has cost lives. And you wanna talk about stuttering at a press conference??? Give me a break.
Cristal 44 days ago
Yeah sounds like a great idea.....said no one with 1/2 a brain. The ripple effect this is going to if it hasn't already have on so many businesses and people's everyday lives is/will be detrimental. Thanks, Tony.....here's to hoping your puppet masters pull your head out of your arse so we can get everyone back to enjoying and appreciating our freedom again.
Kevin Cristal 44 days ago
Is the impact on businesses and our "everyday lives" really worth the risk of more cases and more deaths? How many deaths are u willing to sacrifice for the economy or for your "freedom" to go out? 41 other governors have similar orders in their states - are all of their heads up their "arses" in your opinion?
MichaelGroves Kevin 44 days ago
Repeat, BY HITLER!!! I guess when you follow lying liberals you'll believe anything. Also when you yourself know nothing about business. 45% of small business doesn't t matter right. I as most on the right have been following this right from the start. The death rate is being exaggerated, and imbeciles like Evers know if he tells the lie long enough, morons like you will believe. Out of 1700 infected in Milwaukee county. 44have died. As per Wisconsin Health Department stats. Those deaths had under lying health issues. But it's ok that small business goes out of business. YIKES!!! OH and Kevin, run that lie about 45 other states some where else. Because 45 governors are not saying that. Liberals think no one else will look up stats. It's incredible.
Your stats that you looked up are incorrect.

more accurate stats on deaths in Milwaukee County (101 as of this post)

(full johns hopkins site https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/us-map )

45 governors saying that: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-stay-at-home-order.html
Kevin MichaelGroves 43 days ago
About 85% of what you have spewed here is incorrect. Also - your numbers are not taking into account the number of people who have been tested. Common sense says that as we test more people there will be more positives and your whole "its not that many people" argument falls apart. I'm all for starting to open businesses and public places but only after it is safe to do so. I would like you to tell me how many lives you are willing to risk to save these small businesses. Please put a dollar amount on each life that may be lost by us starting to spread the virus again at the levels of early April.
xd MichaelGroves 42 days ago
I bet you're one of those people that never fall for lies but believe that the moon landing was real.
TJ 44 days ago
I have to admit I did not vote for him but I do like the way he is handling the situation, dont lift the order to soon, let's be safe, thank you governor Evers for your leadership in this situation
MichaelGroves TJ 44 days ago
You didn't vote for him my a$$. You either voted for that imbecile third candidate, or you didn't vote.
Lawrence TJ 44 days ago
TJ you make a lot more sense than the goofball bird flipper who doesn't know "Heil" from "Hi".
I agree Governor Evers is doing well. I trust his decision making far more than the person who ignored warning after warning, then blamed everyone else. You know who I mean.
TJ MichaelGroves 44 days ago
Guess what mr Mike, I voted for trump and walker , not any more
Lawrence TJ 43 days ago
There's too many irrational hotheads on both sides. But to be honest, I notice the loudest most obnoxious are either children, or Trump loyal believers.
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