Dick's to stop selling assault-style rifles in its stores

NOW: Dick’s to stop selling assault-style rifles in its stores


NEW YORK -- Dick's Sporting Goods will immediately end sales of assault-style rifles in its stores and won't sell guns to anyone under 21 years old following the school massacre in Parkland, Florida.

Starting on Wednesday, 35 Field & Stream locations will no longer sell assault-style rifles. Dick's stores stopped selling assault-style rifles after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012. The company will no longer sell guns to anyone under 21. It will also stop selling high capacity magazines.

Dick's Chairman and CEO Edward Stack said on "Good Morning America" Wednesday that after the shooting the company "felt it needed to do something."

"Our hearts went out to those kids and to their parents. Everyone talks about thoughts and prayers going out to them and that's great but that does not really do anything. We felt like we needed to take a stand and do this," said Edward Stack, Dick's Chairman and CEO.

Stack says that the gunman, Nickolas Cruz, had purchased a gun at a Dick's store, but not the one used at the school shooting, even though all existing rules were followed. Stack says that the system that's in place won't stop sales to dangerous people and said lawmakers must do something.

"I am backing them that's why I shop here," said Eric LaChance, customer.

Some customers are skeptical this move will bring forth change. "I don't really have a reaction to it because I do not believe gun violence is going to stop," said Octavious Carter, customer. 

Dick's Sporting Goods is also calling on elected officials to enact common sense gun reform. The company would like to see a ban on assault-style firearms and high capacity magazines. 

Stack said Dick's is prepared for any potential backlash, but will not change its policies on gun sales.

To see Dick's Sporting Goods full statement, click here

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