Cow rescued after being trapped in mud for several hours

Originally Published: 22 MAY 21 12:37 ET

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    RIDGEFIELD, Washington (KPTV) -- Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue, along with TLC Towing, helped rescue a cow that had been stuck in mud for several hours Thursday afternoon.

CCFR says a family milking cow slid down a 20-foot embankment and got stuck in mud up to its belly. The owners worked for several hours to cut back blackberry bushed and dig the cow out, but it sank deeper into the mud. The family then called CCFR to ask for help.

Crews arrived to the site at 3717 Northeast 259th Street, east of Ridgefield, and determined they could likely lift the cow out of the mud with the assistance of a crane. TLC Towing was called to assist.

TLC Towing arrived and set up the crane, while firefighters placed lifting straps around the cow and dug around its legs. The crane then slowly and steady lifting pressure on the cow as firefighters dug around it. After about an hour of hard work, CCFR said the cows legs were freed from the mud and the crane lifted the cow back onto solid ground.

CCFR said the cow was able to bear its own weight and quickly walked off once the straps were removed.

A video of the rescue can be seen here.

“TLC Towing has been a great partner to CCFR and other emergency response agencies in our region. They are consistently ready to help us, whether it’s helping untangle a serious vehicle crash or just helping get an animal unstuck," Fire Chief John Nohr said.

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