Boy writes letter to rattlesnake at Michigan zoo

By Carrie Laine

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    Lansing (WNEM) -- They may not be the cuddliest animal at the zoo, but that doesn’t stop a Michigan boy from wanting to pet a rattlesnake.

The Potter Park Zoo in Lansing posted a letter written to the zoo’s rattlesnake by 3-year-old Wayne (who is almost 4). In the letter he says he wants the zookeepers to bring the rattlesnake to him because he wants to pet it. He goes on to say he isn’t scared of the animal, in fact, he’s never scared. He also had questions for the “rattler”, including what it likes to eat—because he likes to eat tacos and vegetables.

The zoo responded back on social media, thanking Wayne for the letter to its massasauga rattlesnake. They said it enjoys eating small rodents, and that since she is a venomous snake, she can’t visit Wayne.

The poste ended with “But we love that you have an appreciation for these incredible creatures!”


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