A woman found dead in Ohio was killed by her own Great Danes, police say

**Embargo: Cincinnati, OH** An Ohio woman found dead in her home was likely killed by her own dogs, police say. By Hollie Silverman, CNN

(CNN) -- An Ohio woman found dead in her home was likely killed by her own dogs, police say.

Mary Matthews, 49, was found in her Clearcreek Township, Ohio, home, about 40 miles northeast of Cincinnati on Friday, according to a report filed by Clearcreek Township Police.

The police determined that Matthews was attacked by her own dogs, according to the incident report. Matthews suffered multiple cuts and puncture wounds on the lower half of her body, the report said.

Investigators found two "large but thin" Great Danes, one brown and one black, on an enclosed deck of the home and blood and blood-stained clothing throughout the house, the report stated.

Matthews' husband, Mark Matthews, found his wife unresponsive in the home Friday and called authorities. He had been in the county jail since Wednesday and returned home that day, according to the report. There was no information on when the attack might have occurred.

Mark Matthews told police that the black Great Dane was "vicious" and showed an officer bite marks on his right forearm, according to the report.

The report said Mark Matthews told officers that "he was always able to fend off the dogs but if his wife was alone and they attacked, she would not have been able to defend herself because of her small stature."

Mark Matthews told CNN affiliate WLWT the family rescued the dogs about two years ago.

"I wanted to get rid of him, but she wouldn't," Mark Matthews said. "She loves animals."

Authorities believe that the dogs attacked the woman and she was able to put them outside before succumbing to her injuries. The police report said that she may not have realized the severity of her injuries and there was evidence that she had changed her clothing and attempted to clean up the blood with towels.

According to the police report, Mary Matthews suffered from chronic alcoholism and took several prescription medications, which may have affected her ability to respond to the situation appropriately. Investigators found the kitchen counters covered in debris, including beer cans and medication bottles.

"Due to this history, it is felt that (Mary Matthews) may not have been in a clear-minded state to judge the severity of her situation and thus failed to call for help," the police report said.
WLWT reported that the dogs were euthanized.

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