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500-plus virus cases counted in midst of stay-at-home debate

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Wisconsin health officials on Saturday reported more than 500 new cases of the coronavirus, as communities and counties continued to debate their plans after the state Supreme Court rescinded a statewide stay-at-home order.

Some local health officials in Wisconsin rescinded their stay-at-home orders Friday after attorneys warned they could be vulnerable to legal challenges.

Wisconsin's largest  counties, Milwaukee and Dane, home to about 1.5 million of the state's 6 million residents, left their orders in place.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health Services update shows that the number of COVID19 cases across the state has gone over 12,100.

The total number of hospitalizations has topped 2,000. 

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goodorbad 15 days ago
Many more areas being tested. The percentage of positives now vs the beginning of testing is going down a smidge. People need to be working, safely, no matter the job. Haircuts to bartending to fire fighters. No work = no taxes (SS, Medicare, FUTA, SUTA etc) being collected. No taxes being collected = no $ for Federal or State assistance (S.N.A.P., Medicare, etc) programs. Unsustainable to keep everyone "safe @ home". You can be "safe @ work" and "safe @ play" too.
Kevin goodorbad 15 days ago
easy to say - then u get the yahoos crowding the bars go home and infect a family member who then comes to work with me and puts me at risk -- the worst thing for our economy is a resurgence in the spread of the virus
goodorbad Kevin 15 days ago
What part about being safe @ work or safe @ play did you not understand? The social distancing when you do not have symptoms? The masking if you do not have symptoms? Washing your hands, not touching your face? The sanitizing of all touched areas? STAY home get tested if you are displaying symptoms? Workity work work work. No worky=no eaty and No social program funding. NEVER said I condone packed bars and careless drunks/dopers. If I don't work I don't eat and eventually you won't eat either.
Kevin goodorbad 15 days ago
yea nothing u are calling for is happening out there have u noticed? open bars packed, half the people in a waukesha restaurant with masks, and businesses opening with very few changes -- i agree with your "vision" of what should be happening but im afraid too many people dont want to be inconvenienced or feel the virus is not a risk to them
Kevin 15 days ago
how possibly could the rush to re-open bars and the crowds of people in retail stores and parks be leading to an increase in cases? This state gets what it deserves - Vos and Fitzgerald never had a plan. The supreme court threw out a detailed, measured plan for re-opening based on data and science put forth by the governor. And now we have this ... people pretty much doing what they want and putting other peoples lives at risk.
James 15 days ago
Well, no one saw that coming. smh.
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