5 Argentinean men charged in Wisconsin drug investigation

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Federal prosecutors in Wisconsin say authorities arrested three men in Argentina suspected of using illegal online pharmacies to import oxycodone and other drugs into the U.S.

Prosecutors say Argentinean authorities arrested the men in Buenos Aires on Tuesday and police are pursuing two other men who are also suspects in the case. Prosecutors in the Eastern District of Wisconsin indicted the five men in October but the documents were sealed until arrests were made.

The men arrested were Conrado Adolfo Frenzel, Jorge Alejandro Paura, and Santiago Videmato. Authorities are still looking for Luciano Brunetti and Lucas Daniel Paura. Prosecutors say they plan to extradite the men to Wisconsin to face several charges, including conspiracy, distribution, and importation. Each of those charges alone is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

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