Owners approve lockout deal; Players up next


by Jonathan Ede, Special to CBS58.com

NFL owners approved a 10-year labor agreement with the NFLPA Thursday, likely putting an end to the more than 130-day lockout of the league.

Owners voted 31-0 to accept the new agreement and it was thought the that agreement was completed. However, players have insisted that no such agreement is in place. According to them, some issues remain unresolved.

According to ESPN, the players association plans on having a conference call Thursday night to discuss some of the remaining concerns.

Some of the main proceedures that have been put into place are a $120 million salary cap, lowered rookie compensation, training camps starting later and no two-a-days.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hopes to resolve the issues and get back into the swing of things prior to the season beginning.

"It is time to get back to football. That's what everybody here wants to do," said Goodell . "Hopefully, we can all work quickly, expeditiously, to get this agreement done."

The lockout has also frustrated Packers players. Safety Nick Collins expressed his excitement of a possible deal being accomplished.

"It's been a long time," Collins said Thursday night in Madison. "I'm ready, the rest of the team is ready to try and repeat.

Players have until Tuesday to decide on the proposed deal. If agreed upon, the new agreement would be in place until after the 2021 season.


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