NCAA opens door for Canadian school to be member


by Traci Neuman

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- The NCAA is close to adding Simon Fraser University in Canada as its first international member.

The Division II Presidents Council is asking the Executive Committee to change the governing body's constitution to allow admittance to the school in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Current rules require all NCAA schools to be accredited by a U.S. agency. The Division II presidents want the language changed to include schools in good standing in their own nation's accreditation program. The President's Council also says the school also must be a candidate in one of six U.S. accreditation programs to be considered.

If the language is modified, Simon Fraser is likely be approved Aug. 9 in time for games beginning Sept. 1.The NCAA adopted a 10-year pilot program for Canadian schools in 2008. Simon Fraser is the only one to reach this stage.


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