What's next for the Bucks?


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE- It's been known that the future of the Milwaukee Bucks is up in the air.

Back in May team owner Herb Kohl said the team needs a new arena or else their chances of staying in the NBA were not good.

Tuesday, GM John Hammond told reporters that the Bucks have an owner who is committed to keeping the Milwaukee Bucks in the city long term.

"Nothing has changed in that regard, nothing will change in that regard," Hammond said.

Currently the Bucks are in the bottom of the league in attendance and the BMO Bradley Center is one of the oldest arenas in the league.

Plans have been put into motion to build a new building, hopefully by 2017. That would be when the Bradley Center's lease would be up.

Nothing is a guarantee with a new arena, especially amidst speculation that Herb Kohl may sell the team.


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