Paul Molitor talks baseball and Ryan Braun


by Laura Rodriguez

WAUWATOSA -- Hall of Famer Paul Molitor greeted fans and played games at the new Microsoft store at Mayfair Mall, but the conversation quickly turned to Ryan Braun.

"It's something I have definitely followed closely. I'm a big fan of the game, not just someone who played in the game, and I'm sure for the fan base here it's been a tough thing to go through," said Molitor.

Molitor himself used drugs early on in his career, but believes in second chances. Today, the baseball veteran had some words of wisdom for his fellow franchise icon.

"Having done things myself, where there's been some shame and need for accountability, I think transparency is the best way to go. I think people are most forgiving when you get to the bottom of what really happened," said Molitor.

Molitor hopes Braun can learn and move forward, but most importantly he thinks preventing others from making the same mistake is key.

"Maybe somewhere down the line part of his coming back is gonna be able to discourage some of those young people from getting involved with that stuff,'' said Molitor.



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