Packers to end beer sales early at Vikings playoff game


by Chris Patterson

GREEN BAY -- In a release sent out earlier today, the Green Bay Packers reminded fans about the fan code of conduct. The organization also warned that stadium security and law enforcement will be "extra vigilant" given that the Packers are playing a playoff game against a division rival.

The Packers also announced an adjustment in beer sales, which will end at the beginning of the third quarter instead of the end of the third quarter. Packers' Director of Corporate Security/Risk Managment says, "The vast majority of our fans, 99%, follow the code of conduct, and we appreciate that. Those that don't will be addressed so that others may continue to enjoy the game.

Fans are also encouraged to make their way to the stadium gates early, due to enhanced security screening measures. Read the Green Bay Packers Fan Code of Conduct here.


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