Major League Umpire Visits Hospitalized Veterans in Milwaukee


by Kelsey Cunniff

On Tuesday June 4, 2013, Major League Baseball Umpire Jerry Layne visited hospitalized vets during a special celebrity visit to the Milwaukee VA Medical Center. Umpires have the reputation for being stern and no nonsense guys, but Layne's heart was overfilled with kindness as he told amusing baseball stories to ill and injured vets in the VA medical center. Layne has been an MLB Umpire since 1988, a profession that requires him to travel to each city in the major league circuit. During these trips he takes time out of his schedule to visit vets in various VA medical centers as part of the DAV VA Voluntary Service Program. "I want to bring smiles and brighter days to those veterans who have given so much to our country," Layne said. "I want them to know they are appreciated."


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