Brewers brawl with Braves, walk away 4-0 winners


by WDJT Sports

ATLANTA - Carlos Gomez squared up to the Paul Maholm pitch and drove it deep into the left-center field bleachers at Turner Field. As the ball disappeared into the Georgia night, Gomez spent a little too long admiring his artwork, at least in Maholm's mindset.

What resulted was a bench clearing brawl with three ejections -- just two batters into the game -- that sparked the Brewers to a 4-0 win.

Gomez jawed with Maholm and Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman while rounding the bases. After Gomez rounded third, Brian McCann stood between Gomez and home plate. The heated face-to-face words emptied the dugouts, ending the night for Gomez and Freeman.

Gomez never touched home plate, but umpires allowed the run anyway, electing not to have Gomez come out of the dugout after the brawl to touch home.

Overlooked amidst the on-field fireworks, a two-hit shutout from starting pitcher Kyle Lohse.


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