Wisconsin Ghost Hunters


by Laura Rodriguez

"There's a spiritual world around us that we can't see," said Julie Carr.

Julie Carr owns the Brumder Bed and Breakfast in Milwaukee's Concordia Historic District and she says it’s haunted.

"I hung my belt up in the George Suite and came back and it was gone and a day later there it was again," said Carr.

Like this example she gave many others, such as strange noises and male voices talking around the mansion.
Julie admits that when she purchased the home she knew what she was in for, but not to this extent.

“We knew about one of the spirits, Suzanne, but we did not know about the rest,” said Carr.

To find out if there were in fact other spirits in the house she called one of 60 paranormal groups in the state to investigate.

“Paranormal activity is when I would say that there’s a haunting there and there’s stuff that’s going on that we can’t explain by natural means,” said Sarah Jones, paranormal investigator with the Paranormal Research Group of Wisconsin.

CBS58 joined the Paranormal Research Group on their investigation of the Brumder mansion. They use several tools to detect spirits and one of the tests involves a flashlight, which turned on by itself while our cameras were rolling.

Investigators also provided us with video of two shadows that they caught swiftly passing by on a wall inside one of the suites.

"Another common occurrence inside one of the rooms is of cabinets opening and shutting on their own, and they have also locked on their own," said Jones.

Inside every room there is also a journal where the Bed & Breakfast guests can write about their experiences. One of the entries CBS58's Laura Rodriguez saw multiple times is about whirlpool jets turning on by themselves. The team also provided Rodriguez with audio of the jets turning on during their investigation earlier this year.

Even though all of these instances are unexplained, the owner says she’s not scared and she has even come to terms with the spirits.

"Well it's not a matter of believing, it's a matter of accepting reality, they're here," said Carr.

And it goes beyond accepting reality, she even calls them her roommates.

"The first realization that there's something besides you in this universe is kind of a little scary, but you know now they're family," said Carr.

"I don't think people should be scared, I've never encountered anything here at all that would scare me. Some people have experiences here and some people don't have experiences here," said Jones.

According to Carr, the spirits don’t bother the guests, but if they do, she makes sure to have them all under control.

"I just go down to the basement and tell them, fellas you gotta behave yourselves," said Carr.

Superstition or reality? You decide.


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