Sex Offender living at School Bus Stop


by Diane Moca

OAK CREEK -- Police say it was disturbing to discover inside a suburban home more than 50 computer photos, movies and printed pictures showing boys under 16 years old, and some even less than 11 years old, engaged in seductive poses or sex acts.

But neighbors say they are even more disturbed that the home is at the same corner as a school bus stop where kids from several different schools are dropped off every day.

"You'd think Oak Creek would do something to make sure the kids aren't dropped off right at his door step pretty much," said one father.

But a man who answered the door of the offender's home said, "There are no concerns at all."

Neighbors say they are concerned about James Batovsky, who became a registered sex offender in 2005 when he was convicted of possessing child porn.

He's not in custody or on probation, but seven months ago police say they got a tip that Batovsky contacted "young boys over the Internet for sexual purposes."

In the criminal complaint, officers say they confronted him, and he told them "he is attracted to boys between the ages of 12 and 15 years old."

Police say they found illicit pictures on his desk and computers in his basement bedroom.

Though Batovsky has been following the law by reporting his address, neither police nor the school district knew his home was on a corner where kids of all ages wait for their bus each day.

"They should take a look at all the routes and all the sexual offenders in Oak Creek," said the concerned father.

Batovsky is one of 19 sex offenders in Oak Creek listed on the state registry.

Police Chief John Edwards says his officers keep close tabs on all of them -- making sure they don't move within 2,000 feet of a school, day care or other places where kids gather.

But he admits no one checks if they live next to a school bus stop.

Several neighbors said they think the school district should move the bus stop.

"I think they should move it, definitely, at least out of his vision," said parent Lisa Podkomorski.

The school superintendent said the district can adjust where kids get on and off the bus "if there are concerns."

Chief Edwards said: "We received no calls, nor did the school district."

Batovsky was charged with 11 felonies last week and released on $2500 bond.

Police say an ordinance restricting sex predators from living in Oak Creek cannot keep him away because he's been in his parents home for many years.

Authorities say Batovsky is facing more than 100 years in prison if convicted.

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