Thursday, October 23, 2014

Prescription Drugs: At any cost
by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE- Prescription drug use is increasing around the country and in Wisconsin; along with it are robberies at local pharmacies.

From May1, 2011 to May1, 2012 there were 415 pharmacy thefts in Wisconsin.

Of those thefts, 282 were night break-ins and another 54 were armed robberies.

Thirty-three of the armed robberies were in Milwaukee.

"It's becoming much more of an epidemic around the country and the state," James Bohn, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Milwaukee District Office of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), said.

Prescription drug robberies are not just a big city issues.

In Dodge County, Sheriff Todd Nehls said he's also seeing a dangerous increase.

"We had one young lady try to rob or attempt to rob the same pharmacy three different times," Nehls explained.

According to the DEA, the wide spread use stems from a school of thought that prescription drugs are safer to use than others like heroin or cocaine, which is false.

In fact, when prescription drugs get too expensive for addicts, they look for a cheaper high, which much of the time can be heroine.

Pills can range in cost upwards of $60.

Visit the DEA website for more information.