Bed bugs are bad news in Milwaukee


by WDJT Editor

MILWAUKEE- Bed bugs are disgusting little critters that bite you at night while you sleep.

They can be found all over your home, and brought in from anywhere
by anyone.

"You're fighting an enemy you can barley see," Webb Evans, a Milwaukee resident, said.

Evans has been dealing with a bed bug problem in his apartment. He has literally had to flip over all his new furniture and essentially live in his bed room because the problem hasn't been corrected.

"I saw them crawling near my bed and on the wall," he added.

He explained the problem to his apartment complex and said the effort hasn't been enough.

"I've had to change my life, I sleep at day, not night, because bed bugs are nocturnal."

We uncovered some disgusting details around the city. According to the bed bug registry, 14 hotels and 62 residences had recent reports of bed bugs.

In the 2011 "Bugs without Boarders" survey said that 99 percent of pest management companies have had calls about best bugs.

"There's been a huge resurgence in the United States and in the Milwaukee area," Randy Allen, Regional Manager of Wil-Pest, said.

His company has turned to bed bug sniffing beagles to help with the problem.

"The problem started to swell to the point that we couldn't detect all of them with the human eye," Rick Schoening, Wil-Kil Pest, said.

That's where the dogs come in, they find the bugs and their eggs that humans can't see, helping to combat a problem that's only grown since 2008.


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