Two men charged in shooting death of Jordan Henderson


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- 18-year-old Miguel Mercado and 21-year-old Gill Morales  have both been charged with First Degree Reckless Homicide and First Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety for the shooting death of Jordan Henderson. Henderson tried to confront the men about the bicycle he believed the two stole from his little brother.

According to the criminal complaint, Henderson was driving his cousin and uncle when he spotted someone riding his brother's stolen BMX bike. When Henderson hit a u-turn, the two men he spotted riding bicycles were off their bikes and holding guns. 

The complaint says Morales began shooting into the vehicle, striking Henderson in the head. Henderson's cousin was also hit in the shoulder as their vehicle slammed into a parked car.

During a police interview, Mercado says he told Morales to shoot at Henderson's vehicle. He told police he was scared the people in the car would jump him or try to run him over.

In the criminal complaint, Mercado tells police he fled the scene and met up with Morales at his house. Henderson's cousin Vincent Oblak positively identified Morales in a police lineup.

If convicted on both counts, Morales and Mercado could face up to 77.5 years in prison.


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