New Berlin preschool teacher accused of having drugs delivered to school


by Chris Patterson

NEW BERLIN -- 20-year-old Kiley Cirillo is accused of having heroin delivered to the preschool where she worked. The former preschool teacher was caught after a co-worker took a delivery for her, and was suspicious of the package.

According to the criminal complaint, Cirillo had her friend Tina Kasten drop off heroin to Hales Corners Lutheran Preschool during the afternoon hours of May 9, 2013. She told co-workers her friend was dropping off some food.

One of Cirillo's co-workers took the delivery, and was suspicious after Cirillo told him she'd used drugs in the past. The co-worker opened the brown paper Culver's bag, and found a box of opened Sour Patch kids.

The criminal complaint states the co-worker found what appeared to be an illegal drug inside the box of Sour Patch kids. He told police when Cirillo approached him he told her the package hadn't been delivered.

Police searched Cirillo's phone, and found text messages between her and Kasten arranging a drop off. They also searched a nylon bag Cirillo kept in the school's basement and found several used needles, and a zip lock bag containing wet brown cotton balls. Police say the cotton balls are used to filter the illicit drugs.

If convicted of all four criminal charges, Cirillo faces up to one year in jail and $11,500 in fines.


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