Mother sentenced for drowning of twins


by Tiffany Shepherd

WALWORTH COUNTY--An East Troy woman whose twins drowned in the bathtub last fall was sentenced for child neglect.

27-year-old Melody Butt pled guilty to felony child neglect after admitting that she filled the tub for the twins and then fell asleep.

"I miss the smiles, soft touch and love me and my babies shared. I take full responsibility for allowing myself to become so overwhelmed and exhausted," Butt said.

She faced a possible 25 year prison term, but her mother (the twin’s grandmother) begged the judge for leniency citing that Butt still has three other children at home.

“Melody's children mean the world to her. She felt they were a blessing. There are 3 little girls still with us. They love their mom and they need their mom to be there for them. They lost their brother and sister and to lose their mom would not be fair," said Dawn Busalacchi.

The judge took that appeal to heart sentencing Butt to one year in jail and 14 years of extended supervision.


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