Walker speaks to hundreds of Republicans in Iowa


by John Cuoco

WEST DES MOINES- Governor Walker spoke Thursday night in front of a packed house of Republicans in Iowa.

Walker was the keynote speaker for the Annual Spring Dinner for the Polk County Republicans.

The crowd was estimated at about 700.

Walker touched on issues he dealt with in Wisconsin like the recall and battling unions.

He also spoke about national issues facing Republicans and he even gave the party a three part plan to win elections in 2014 and 2016.

Walker's gubernatorial re-election is in 2014 and the next presidential election is 2016.

Sources at the dinner say this was one of the two biggest events the Polk County GOP has ever had and it brought in $90,000.

The dinner has many thinking this was Walker putting feelers out to see if he may run in 2016, although he down played the speech since it came out that he would be there.


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