Time to Let The Garden Grow


by Michael Schlesinger

MENOMONEE FALLS--Now that the weather has let up a bit, those with green thumbs have gotten the itch to get out and garden. The experts tell us to go ahead and plant with the exception of tender annuals susceptible to frost for at least the next few weeks. Hearty plants, trees, shrubs, and perennials should be fine. 

Carrie Hennessy with Johnson's Gardens says when we plant we should avoid placing the bulbs too low in the ground. Instead, she recommends to have the bulb just a few inches from the surface.  Spreading some mulch around the area will help growth as well.

The heavy rains of recent weeks shouldn't be too much of a concern. Plus, the extended chilly weather with a slow warmup may put less stress on the buds. 

Most garden centers, such as Johnson's Gardens, have garden guides on their websites to assist those with any level of experience play in the dirt.


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