Tea Party members show support in recall race


by Vanessa Murphy

THIENSVILLE-- Hundreds of Tea Party members rallied in Thiensville to show support for Republican Senator Alberta Darling in the upcoming Senate District 8 recall election.

While tea party members were the majority several supporters of Darling’s challenger Representative Sandy Pasch showed up as well.

Through song and speeches tea party supporters shared their message that they don’t believe in these recall elections.

They stated they don’t believe you should be able to recall someone just because you don’t believe in their legislation.

When Pasch supporters showed up things got pretty heated.

They said they spent the day campaigning and a few of them decided to come to the Tea Party rally to show support for their candidate.

This is a battle both sides are passionate about and one that the whole state has an invested interest in.

The recall election between Senator Darling and Representative Pasch will be held on Tuesday August 9.


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