State Supreme Court justice claims workplace safety still a concern


by Mike Strehlow

Madison--Six weeks after Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack said justices were getting along just fine, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley claims there remain issues that "hinder us from best serving the people of this state."

Justice Bradley, the liberal leaning judge who accused conservative Justice David Prosser of choking her during a heated discussion over Governor Walker's collective bargaining law, filed a legal memo Wednesday recusing herself from a disciplinary case against Prosser. 

In the filing, Justice Bradley took issue with Justice Pat Roggensack who, after submitting her nomination signatures for re-election last December, said the high court is "doing just fine." 

Bradley responded, "It strains credulity that a justice on our court would be perpetuating the myth that our issues of workplace safety and work envrionment have somehow healed themselves." In fact she said "To this day, the Chief Justice and I continue to lock ourselves inside our private offices when working alone because of our concerns for our physical safety due to Justice Prosser's behavior."

Justice Bradley is urging her colleagues to retain a conflict resolution expert to resolve the issues.

Justice Prosser did not respond to our request for comment. However, Justice Roggensack's campaign advisor told me tonight he wasn't surprised Justice Bradley released the opinion Wednesday. Brandon Scholz called it a political attack against Justice Roggensack timed just days before next Tuesday's primary in which Roggensack will square off against Ed Fallone and Vince Megna.


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