Lightning strike causes condo fire in Muskego


by Becky Mortensen

MUSKEGO -- A condominium in Muskego caught on fire overnight. It started on the roof of the multi-unit complex in Olive Circle  around 2:30 a.m, according to Tess Corners Fire Chief Carl Wojnowski.

He says lightning likely sparked the fire.

When fire crews arrived, flames could be seen shooting from the roof. First-responders helped residents out of the building and everyone was able to get out safely. One person was taken to the hospital after suffering an anxiety attack.

The fire alarms did not sound because the fire sparked in the attic of the condos. Five fire departments battled the blaze.

"We had a hard time finding the entrance to the building because it was smoke covered and there was smoke coming out of the roof when we arrived," said Chief Wojnowski.

 A total of eight units were affected by the fire, only seven of those units were occupied. Red Cross is assisting the people displaced by the damage.

No injuries to firefighters or residents were reported.


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