UPDATE: Lockdown over in Mayville, airsoft guns seized


by Michele McCormack

MAYVILLE---Mayville High School and Mayville Middle School were on lock down for 75 minutes Wednesday afternoon after someone reported seeing someone with a gun near the schools.

District spokesman John Westphal tells CBS 58 that the High School and nearby middle school were put on lock down by request of Dodge County authorities after a person was spotted two blocks from the high school with what appeared to be a gun.

Police did find the suspects and decided there was no threat to the schools.

A thousand students were impacted by the lock down. During the lockdown, parents were notified not to come to either school. Another school, Parkview, which is further away, was never put on lock down.

Police were able to track down the two men reported by a 911 caller to be looking in a trunk with a gun. It was an airsoft gun. One of several seized form the men because local ordinance do not allow airsoft guns to be fired within city limits. The ordinance also bans airsoft guns on any school or municipal property.

There was a slight glitch in the notification system. Parents were at first instructed to go to a reunification area, but then got delayed word that instead of their children being brought to them, the students were being released from the school class by class.


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