Reopening Marks New Beginning for Azana Salon and Spa


by Elizabeth Fay

BROOKFIELD -- Saturday morning, the doors to Azana Salon and Spa opened for the first time since the deadly shooting in October. Repeat customer, Cara Brigman was eager to go inside.

"I had it on my calendar, December 1st. Get in there and support Azana," says Brigman.

New clients also came out to bring Azana workers business. "I wanted to come to Azana for services. I meant to do that last year. Never got a chance. Considering it's their reopening, I figured today would be the perfect day to come out and show my support," says new customer, Darcy of Milwaukee.

The renovated salon features a memorial for the three shooting victims who died while on the job. A yellow rose is on display to represent each worker who was killed when a gunman opened fire killing his estranged wife, Zina Daniel and two other employees Maelyn Lind and Cary Robuck.

Despite the tragedy, customers continue to book services. Brigman says she never hesitated to return to the salon. "No, not at all. Statistically, insignificant possibility of that happening again," says Brigman.

Community members showed an outpouring of support throughout the day. Several people delivered gifts to the salon, including a poster from local members of the Sikh Temple who also experienced a mass shooting this year.

Brookfield temple member, Jyoti Grewal, says she was overcome with emotion when she delivered the poster. "Especially, hugging all the ladies there. They were all really nice to me. I got a hug from everyone I talked to. It was really emotional, especially experiencing tragedy not so long ago ourselves."

The reopening marks a new beginning for the employees and customers they serve. Azana Salon and Spa Owner, Tami Gemmell says, "We will never forget what we have gone through and what has happened, but it is very much so looking to the future. I believe Cary, Maelyn and Zina would be very proud."


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