Racine man charged with felony child abuse


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- 26-year-old William Pearson is charged with felony child abuse after whipping two of his children with a belt. The two kids accidentally scalded their one-year-old sibling while trying to give the child a bath.

Pearson was at home on May 15th watching six children all under 10 years old. Their mother was home, but asleep after taking pain medication. Pearson was called into work and left the children at the home.

The oldest, a nine year old, accidentally her one-year-old sibling. The baby was taken to a hospital to be treated, and Pearson was mad at the two oldest for what happened. He's accused of beating a nine-year-old girl and her seven-year-old brother with a belt, because they were the oldest children in the home at the time.

Court documents say the girl suffered visible injuries from a belt to her arm and legs. Pearson will appear in court on May 30th.


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